Sunday, January 9, 2011

Esquared Jewels

In Saint John we have a great community and Esquared Jewels is just another example of one of the many talented artists we have here.  Emily and Erin are the ladies behind these amazing and unique pieces of jewellery.  I first saw their jewellery featured at the Je Suis Prest Holiday Fashion Party and I instantly fell in love.  Especially with their peach pie necklace.  I ordered this piece from Esquared and picked it up on Friday, it is amazing!!  In the picture below the flowers look orange however they are a peach colour.
Photo Credit: Esquared Jewels
They also add gorgeous bling to most of their pieces.  To see more of their pieces be sure to check out their esty store.  If you see something in the store, but it is sold out and you would like to purchase it, send the ladies an e-mail and if they have the materials they can make it for you.  These ladies do ship their product worldwide so do not hestitate to place an order with them.  As well be sure to follow Esquared Jewels on facebook, to see all their latest pieces.
Thank you so much to Emily and Erin for creating this beautiful piece for me and for letting me do a post about your beautiful creations on my blog.

Love what you see, check out Barb's blog for a chance to win a necklace from Esquared Jewels.


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