Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Style in Everything

No matter what I do I always want to look the best I can and be up with the latest styles.  This summer when I was in Toronto studying tap dance with Shawn Byfield, we were lucky enough to have Everett Smith from SYTYCD Canada come and do a workshop with us.  He showed us the latest tap shoes he was endorsing.  He found them to be of the best quality as he tried everything to wear them out and couldn't.  He even tapped on railroad tracks.  These tap shoes have a canadian flag near the heel and come in black, pink or denim.  When Christmas was approaching I knew what I was going to ask for from my hubby, the tap shoes.  I got them in pink and they are perfect.
Tap shoes - So Danca
These shoes were a special order as they took 6-8 weeks to arrive.  So I actually ordered them in October, but could not wait for them to arrive.  When they did arrive, my hubby immediately took them and wrapped them for Christmas.   I could not wait to open them Christmas morning and wore them for the first time teaching last Monday.  They are handmade and very durable.  The material is suede, which is different for tap shoes as they are usually leather.  They should last a while but I will have to be sure to take care of the suede as they will mark easily.  They were very popular with my students and the studio owner asked if I had a purse to match them, hmmm....maybe I will have to pick one up.

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