Thursday, February 3, 2011

If the shoe fits.... it!!!  One of my biggest loves in fashion is shoes.  Whenever my hubby and I go on a trip I specifically leave room in my suitcase when I pack so I can buy new shoes.  So what I have decided to do every Thursday, is to feature either a new pair of shoes that I have purchased or a pair that I can't wait to get my hands on. 

Today I am featuring a pair of boots that I bought last winter at Marden's in Calais, ME.  Marden's is a surplus store that buys items from all over, so each time you go there is something different.  Their slogan is "I should have bought it, when I saw it, at Marden's."  That saying is so true because if you don't pick up the deal it will be gone, simply because there is usually only a couple of them and they usually are at a hugely discounted price.

So when I saw these boots last winter I instantly fell in love.  They are leather and cost $50 (which is expensive for Marden's), so I knew if they were that much, they had to be expensive.   When I looked them up on-line they sold for 3 times the price, what a great deal!

Boots - Kelsi Dagger Rosabella
My Mom was the one who convinced me to purchase these boots (thanks Mom!) and I am so glad that I did as I have never seen another pair like them around here.  Where is your favorite place to buy shoes?

Also a huge thank you to Barb for featuring me on her blog.  We met up on Tuesday night for coffee and she is such a sweetie.  It was so great to chat with her and we had a lot in common.  You can check out the post here.

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  1. Cute boots. That is a great deal for sure; don't you love it when that happens?!
    P.S. Found your blog via Barb


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