Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Day

Living in the Eastern part of Canada, we get alot of snow storms in the winter.  Anything that comes up the coast or across the county gets us here in New Brunswick.  Because of this, we get a few snow days every year.  This outfit is the one I was wearing on this particular snow day.  I love to wear things like this on these days and be curled up on the couch drinking tea and watching movies!  It is nice to be able to sit inside and watch the snow fall.

 This tank top is one of my boxing day purchases and I was waiting for the right day to wear it.  This tank doesn't fit into my work wardrobe or it would have been worn much sooner.  The thing I love about it is that it is so soft and the metal detailing with the chain on the front is very different from anything else I have in my closet.  I am also wearing a pair of True Religion jeans that I got in Vegas last summer.  They are really long for me and the nicest jeans I have ever worn.  I have a 36" inseam and when I found these I had to buy them as it is very hard for me to find jeans/pants long enough.

Jeans - True Religion, Sweater - Dex, Tank - Gentlefawn
As you can see in the background, we certainly have lots of snow.  That is just the snow on our deck.  It has drifted and blown a bit, but on the next warmer day we need to go out and shovel some of it off.  Have a great Wednesday!!  Stay tuned for my weekly shoe post tomorrow!


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  2. 36" inseam?! holy!

    love that tank top!

  3. Look at all that snow! Holy cow! Vancouver has had a very rainy winter but not too much snow (I just ginxed it didn't I?) haha.

    Those jeans look great on you! I have short stubby legs so I have no problem buying pants that are the right length... You're so lucky to have long legs!



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