Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cuckoo Bootie

I am in love with these Seychelle booties!!  The combination of leather, mesh lace and button details make these booties very feminine.  I believe that our new local shoe shop, The Urban Shoe Myth, will be carrying Seychelles shoes.  I hope they have these in!!  I can't wait to visit there.

These shoes would be the perfect addition to that new spring/summer dress and would also give you an excuse to go get a pedicure so you can shoe off those spring toes!  These shoes retail for $119.99 on  Have a toe-riffic Thursday!


  1. These shoes are fab!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  2. This is such an awesome boot! Love it! I'm not sure if Shelley is getting these in or not... I definitely hope to see more Seychelles, such a great brand!

  3. I heart Seychelles! Cute Blog.
    I often find Seychelles at Winners the one in Moncton has a great selection of shoes.
    Check out mine...
    Fashion in the Fog: Let it Snow

  4. Those are cute booties! Unfortunately we don't have those ones at the store, but do have another peep toe bootie by Seychelles. By the time I did my ordering for this spring, there were limited styles still available to choose from (I was a couple of months late this time around). Will have lots more come fall though!!


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