Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Madness

Monday's are crazy days.  First day back to work, getting back into routine, work all day, math help afterschool and then teaching dance until 9pm.  However, it is a fresh start with lots of exciting things to come.  The pink Nine West shoes in this picture remind me of my pink tap shoes that I wear to teach dance every Monday.  It is starting to get busy in my dance world as we are getting close to recital season and trying to finish everything up. 

 I am also trying to get to know my camera a little bit better and my blog as well.  I have figured out the size I need to make my photos so they are almost as wide as my blog, but I still need to experiment with the best settings for the photos because when I upload them they are clear and then when I resize they become blurry.  Anyone have any tips on how to make my photos not so blurry after resizing?

Blouse - Dynamite, Pants - Suzy Shier, Sweater - RW&Co, Shoes - Nine West, Bracelet - H&M
I also went on an adventure uptown in the cold on Sunday with the lovely Emma of Darling Dilemma.  I cannot wait to share the outcome of our cold photoshoot in uptown Saint John.  She was so great to work with and we also got a chance to chat and have a lovely brunch.  Watch for that post on Wednesday!  Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week!


  1. Gee I'm spacey! I can't believe I've never asked what KIND of dance you teach!! I've somehow just assumed ballet.

    My son Phoenix has a dream of tap dancing!!! We need to talk I think...

    P.S. It was a great & chilly Sunday! I have some photo tips for you & can help with resizing... I love to use to resize my images for the web. You can adjust the settings for size, quality etc.
    Another popular one is

  2. wow, looks so great :)))

    LOVE minnja

  3. Great outfit and I love the shoes!
    As for photos I use picnik and pay for the premium service. It is really worth it and super simple to use!

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