Friday, March 11, 2011


Ahh Fridays...I love Fridays.  Such a great day of the week, the start of the weekend.  This was not a Friday outfit but a suit that I love to wear to work.  I am so used to seeing dress shirts under blazers that I really liked the change up of putting a sweater and cami under the blazer.
This is also a great scarf to add colour to this outfit.  I have worn it alot, so it is starting to get snagged a bit but I am hoping to get a few more miles out of it.  I also love to pair belts with blazers.  This belt did not come with the blazer, but from another dress top.  I love being able to mix and match pieces in my wardrobe.

Don't forget tomorrow night at midnight AST my 1st giveaway closes!  Be sure to enter, it is open to everyone!  You can check out all the details here.  I will make the draw on Monday, March 14th.  Hope you are all having a fabulous fashionable Friday!!  Enjoy the weekend!

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