Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tropical Tuesday - Steak Restaurant

When we go on our vacations south, the resorts always offer a la carte meals to you.  These pictures are from our trip south this March Break to Dominican Republic.  This night we were eating at the resort's (Majestic Colonial) steak restaurant.

 We were looking forward to a great steak and potatoes meal.  The steak was delicious but unfortunately the vegetables were cold.  That was ok, because we still had a great evening and ended it by chatting and having a great time in the resort's garden bar.
Dress - BB Dakota, Bracelet - Toose's, Shoes - Nine West
This dress was a great one to wear that evening, as it was still quite warm and kept me cool.  Looking at these pictures makes me exited for summer but for right now I am looking forward to spring!  Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!

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