Friday, March 25, 2011

Typical Friday

Our typical Friday consists of starting with work and dress down day, then afterwork we usually have pizza and go grocery shopping.  This outfit is no exception, it is a casual Friday outfit that I wore all day at work(including the heels).  My feet did hurt by the end of the day but I love the way these shoes look and  I even wore them to the grocery store.

The thing that helps me be able to wear these boots is the platform.  I also love the flower, however I have learned I need to be very careful with them as one of the flowers has already fallen off and I had to sew it back on.  You may remember these shoes from this shoe post and the great deal I got on them at Marden's.

Jacket - Smart Set,  Top - RW&Co., Jeans - !iT Jeans, Boots - Kelsi Dagger, Bracelet - H&M

Well I am off to work for Friday, I am very much looking forward to the weekend.  Tommorrow the day will be spent getting my hair done and doing some shopping with my sister.  Then on Sunday I have something special going on and I can't wait to share with you the outcome of it on here.  Do you have anything special planned for the weekend?  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for all your sweet comments this week! 


  1. Those booties are HOT HOT HOT!!
    I have such shoe envy when I read your blog...

    I'm heading out for a Rumoli (yes old people gambling) party tonight, which strangely combines mustaches some how? I might have to blog that one! & my Sunday adventure...

  2. I Love this post! and love your blog!
    Please check mine out and if you like what you see follow! Id love the support! xx

  3. FUN! Purple looks great on you and that jacket is adorable! I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead shopping with your sister!

    Liesl :)

  4. Love your shoes. Totally agree with Emma..I love your footwear and love that a tall girl can rock heels the way you do. I just broke out my new Frye Boots this week to celebrate spring.

  5. ooh, sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned, yay, for shopping + getting your hair done. I'm swooning over your lovely shoes, so gorg & this chic Friday look. xx veronika

  6. Ahhh I want to steal your boots! You look super cute and sounds like you have a ton to look forward to this weekend! You've also just reminded me that I need to book a hair thanks ;) Happy Friday!

  7. Great booties! I'm impressed you could wear them all day to work! :)


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