Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am loving this tan shade for summer.  These shoes are very similar to the ones from Blowfish Shoes I featured last week.  This is Aldo's version of it, one of our local shoe places (well fairly local for me, just over an hour away).  The price is a little higher and it is slightly different with a heel instead of a wedge.  Which do you think would be more comfortable/appropriate for summer, this pair or Blowfish wedge?

These shoes retail for $70 at  I am feeling a need to get a pair of shoes like these or the Blowfish version for this summer!  What shoes are your summer must have?  Thanks for all your lovely comment this week, be sure to check out my giveaway here!


  1. Aldo shoes are rarely well made, so I definitely would not pay MORE for them!
    If Blowfish is the brand I am thinking of, Shoe Company often have them & their prices are usually discounted. So maybe try there in Fredericton or Moncton before hitting up the Aldo...

  2. These shoes are really cute but I only buy from Aldo if there is a sale. However I LOVE the Aldo Accessories store. I use to live in Moncton and visit there frequently.
    I am actually heading that way Saturday hope to find some good buys there and at H&M! :)

  3. I like the look of the Aldo shoes a little more I think, although the Blowfish pair is cute too! And since those are cheaper I'd likely go for the deal if it was me!


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