Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tropical Tuesday

These photos are from our trip this year as well, featuring a red dress that I wore to the buffet.  Yes, another red dress.  This is red dress #2 for this season.  It is the perfect dress for travelling as it is that comfy cotton material.
The ribbons you see in the background on the poles were part of the decorations for their Dominican Theme night.  There were also blue and yellow ribbons.  As soon as I saw the poles with the red ribbons I knew I had to get my picture taken by them.

Dress - Dynamite, Shoes - Nine West, Earrings - Butterfly Shop
Thanks again to my hubby for being my photographer on this trip and to my sister for taking this photo of us!  We actually got up to 15 degrees celcius here, feeling quite tropical!  Have a fabulous Tuesday and don't forget only 2 more days to enter my giveaway here!  


  1. The dress is SO gorgeous on you! And red is most certainly your colour. Warm weather? Eee, sounds fab. xx veronika

  2. love the red dress & you look stunning!
    I tagged you to do the "8 Most Worn Items Tag!"

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