Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charity Chic!

On Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity to attend Charity Chic, a clothing swap in support of Romero house.  This was a great chance to clean out my closet, donate some clothes and then go shopping for some new things all in support of a great cause.
You were given swap dollars to spend while there, so not only could you buy clothes, shoes and purses but you could also go to different stations and get some things done.  First you could have your make-up done.

You could get your nails done!  Check out all those pretty bright spring colours!
You could also purchase candy and some water.  In my opinion Emma's son had the sweetest job of them all!
There were racks, upon racks of clothing and in the pictures below not everything was out!!  They were still pricing and putting stuff out when I left around 2pm and it went until 5pm!  I managed to pick up the blue dress seen in the first photo, a brand new pair of dress shorts for work (they still had the tags on them) and and a new cream coloured blouse.

There were also some great pairs of shoes.  Unfortunately none in my size.

This really was a fabulous event!!  Hats off to Dominique, Emma and the rest of their team for organizing this!!!  If you missed this event you will not want to miss it next time, so many great finds!  I will be sure to share mine with you as soon as my dress is back from the dry cleaners.  Dominique also announced today that they raised $500 for Romero house, so awesome!!  Great work ladies and fashionistas!

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