Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Working Woman

I love the bright fun colours in this top.  This is one of my favorite spring tops, it has such a fun pattern and the bow adds a feminine touch.

These shoes are also so much fun.  They heel is very high but I did wear them all day teaching.  A lot of my collegues ask how I can wear them all day but after doing it a few times you get used to it and I try to wear them a day when I know I won't be on my feet the whole time.  Usually, I wear these on test days.  I am also so glad I purchased this bracelet in Toronto last summer as it goes with so much stuff.  The colour is just perfect.  Hope you are all having a lovely week!  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Pants - Suzy Shier, Shoes - 7's, Top - RW&Co., Bracelet - H&M


  1. I just love your top and your pictures are really cute.


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