Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogger Video Shoot

On a rainy Sunday a couple of weeks ago a few of the local bloggers got together at Silver Daisy Designs to put together outfits, chat and shoot a video.  This video is going to be shown tonight at their Sex and the City Soiree, do you have your tickets yet?  It is sure to be an awesome evening!  I have been looking forward to this event all week, however I still need to decide what to wear.  The baby bump these days is proving hard to dress up sometimes.  Here are a few shots from that Sunday afternoon:

Chelsea painting her nails.

Just some of the lovely bags available at Silver Daisy Designs

A sample of their gorgeous jewellery.

Some of the great clothes they carry.

Julia in her outfit all ready for the video shoot.

Chelsea having her outfit photos taken by Kate

Here are some photos of my outfit for the shoot.  Thanks to Chelsea for taking pictures for me!

Top - Mink Pink (Silver Daisy), Jeans - Cult of Individuality(Silver Daisy), Necklace, clutch & Belt - Silver Daisy, Shoes - Aldo

If you are at the Soiree tonight you will see this outfit along with the others on video.  Hope to see you there!  Have a great weekend!
( I do apologize for the late posting of this as I had it scheduled to go up yesterday morning, before the event but it didn't work)


  1. You look adorable. Red is definitely a good colour for you. Good think you have multiple red coats!
    Some of us might have to protest at the use of the phrase "all the local bloggers" though.

  2. I do apologize for that Leigh-Ellen and have gone back and fixed it. That was not fair to the other local bloggers that I used that phrase. I appreciate you pointing that out.

  3. Sorry girl. I'm sick today and typed that before the cold meds kicked in. Was coming back to apologize but thanks for not getting angry at me!!

  4. No I really do appreciate your honesty and feedback, always looking for ways to improve my blog! Sometimes I type and skim it over without carefully reading it through, which I really need to take the time to do. Thanks for helping to make me a better blogger. :)

  5. You look gorgeous bump and all! :)
    I love that store they have such great things.

    Fashion in the Fog: An Uptown Affair

  6. Sorry your full body shot was blurry! And anytime you want to do outfit photos, just let me know- I'd also be happy to snap your photos with my camera and send them to you in the future if you'd like ;)
    That day was really fun- I hope there are more reasons in the future that bring us all together again.


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