Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Brunswick Fashion Week - Fashion Show

Last Friday night was the fashion show portion of New Brunswick fashion week.  There were lots of great pieces featured on the runway, however, unfortunately it was not a very well attended event.  It was slated to start at 1pm and run until 10:30pm.  In the afternoon things started late and only lasted an hour, which was disappointing to the audience.  My Mom had taken off the afternoon from work and drove over an hour to see my sister model, and the show only lasted an hour.  She also thought there was only about 6 people in attendance in the afternoon.

The evening also featured some of the same pieces from the afternoon plus a few extras.  However, in the middle there was a Zumba demonstration which in my opinion was a bit too long.  At times I was wondering why I was watching Zumba at a fashion event.  It just seemed out of place and was slightly too long.  It may have been better to have an intermission at that time.  Also, many people left before the local designers had a chance to show their pieces on the runway, as they were not on until after the fantasy hair and make-up competition.  Those that left certainly missed some wonderful creations from these designers! 

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the fashion show: (I apologize for not knowing which pieces are from which designers/shops, this baby brain is not serving me well at times!)

Chainmail Designs by Andrea Cyr

My beautiful sister

Dress from Je Suis Prest

One of the beautiful designer creations

Another gorgeous deisgner creation.

I am hoping the next time they do New Brunswick Fashion Week that it will be better attended and more organized.  The schedule of events for Friday was not sent until Thursday evening.  I know it is hard the first time you organize an event and you need to work out all the fine details, but I hope that next time things will be more organized and perhaps run more on schedule.  I did enjoy the evening and look forward to see what they have in store for the next one.

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