Monday, March 5, 2012

Heaven's Alchemy & A Giveaway

(LEFT TO RIGHT: Far left – 10ml roller ($65), far right – 5ml Tassel Traveler ($75) or full set for $175 – $195 depending on the scent)
Perfume is something I could never really wear because of the overwhelming scent.  My workplace is also scent free making it something I never even considered.  However, scented lotions are something that I really like and wear everyday.  So when Donna of Boutique Zekara/Merele Norman asked me to come check out their new essential oils I was a bit nervous, since I never was into perfume.
Heaven’s Alchemy was created by a husband and wife team.  Each fragrance is named after a city they visited and the scents and bottles are designed around things they saw and smelled in each city.  Aren’t these bottles gorgeous!  And each scent has a different bottle, you can see them all here as well as the scents (just click on the images to see description of the scents).
The lovely Katie and Donna then took me through the different scents.  They asked me what sort of scents I liked.  Having a love of fruity/vanilla scents they recommended I try St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Kyoto.   With these scents they are made up of a top note, middle note and base note.  The top note is what you smell for the first 10-20 minutes when you put it on, the middle note lasts for 1-2 hours and then the base note is what you smell for hours after that.  Also, because this is made of essential oils many people who have allergies to perfumes can wear these scents. 
 St. Petersburg ended up being my favorite with Istanbul in a close second.  The thing I love about the St. Petersburg scent is the lemon and orange scent that it starts out with and then the vanilla scent that you are left with by the end of the day.  This is something that I could really see myself wearing as the scent is not overwhelming.  By the end of the day I couldn’t even notice that it was still there, however my husband said he could smell it and liked the scent.  The ladies at Boutique Zekara/Merle Norman have found that the St. Petersburg tends to be the scent the men have liked on women the best.

The sets come in 3 sizes:
There is the 5ml tassel traveler which retails for $75, the 10ml roll on which retails for $65 and the Crystal set which retails for $175 - $195 depending on the scent.  These are meant to last a year so the price point is very reasonable.
Now for some exciting news…
Donna at Boutique Zekara/Merle Norman is offering one of my lucky readers her choice of either the 5ml tassel traveler or the 10ml roll on in the scent of her choice!
Want to enter to win, here’s how:
1.   Like Boutique Zekara/Merle Norman on facebook and post which one of the scents you think would be your favorite.  Then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know you did that.
Bonus Entry:
1.   Stop in and visit the lovely ladies at Boutique Zekara/merle Norman and mention this blog post.  Then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know  you did that.  Be sure to check out the scents and awesome sale section while you are there!
This giveaway is open to local readers and will run until 11:00 PM (AST) on Sunday, March 25th and the randomly chosen winner will be announced on Monday, March 26th. Good luck! 

Note:  All views expressed above are my own and I was not compensated for the review of this product.  The prize was donated by Boutique Zekara/Merle Norman/The Shoe Fanaddict.


  1. Popped over to visit their facebook site.

  2. Thanks Melissa for taking the time to come in to experience Heaven's Alchemy and sharing this with your followers. As always it was a pleasure to see you and your sweet baby girl.

  3. I like 'em on Facebook and left a comment :)

  4. I liked them on facebook and left a comment :)

  5. I liked them on FB and left a comment.

  6. I already like them over on fb, and I also commented that it sounds as though I'd like the Istanbul, too.


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