Monday, May 7, 2012

Etsy Wish List & Giveaway Winner!

A few weeks ago I posted a birthday wish list of things that I had found online.  I have also recently been browsing some etsy shops and fallen in love with some of the items on there!  So here is my etsy wish list.  It is hard to believe I will be 30 in 8 days!

First up is this gorgeous Nautical Necklace made by Kate of O My Heart!  I am also loving her gold chain bracelet but that has sold out already!
Nautical Necklace ($30.00-currently sold out)

If you haven't checked Derng jewellery you really need too!  They make some gorgeous pieces!  Here are my favorite bracelets from their shop.

Sadly this next item, the blue clutch, has sold since I first saw it.  I can understand why though, it is gorgeous!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway from Privilege Clothing Boutique!  The winner of the $25 credit to use at their shop is......

Check your e-mail Jenni to claim your prize!

Stay tuned for my week of birthday giveaways coming up May 13 - 19th!  Have a fabulous Monday everyone!


  1. Happy Almost Birthday!!! How exciting! I had mixed feelings when I turned 30. But I will tell you that it was the first birthday that I ever felt different! I can't explain it, but something just clicked for me and a lot of things just came into focus! Btw those bracelets are so pretty! Love how they sparkle =)

  2. thanks again for your email! made my day! about to order my things now...

  3. I love that clutch! soooooo cute..
    just found your blog and love it so far!

    i just added myself as a follower :) you can check out my blog at

  4. I love Derng jewelry!! I've been eyeing their stuff for a while now.


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