Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Swapper Spotlight!

Each Saturday I am going to be featuring one of my swappers, so you can get to know them and their blogs better!  Up first is Gina from Fixations of a Canadian Twenty Something!

1. Tell us about your blog
My blog is called Fixations of a Canadian Twentysomething, and it is a place for me to write about what currently interests me. I write about food (mostly gluten-free recipes), nutrition, beauty (typically reviews), style and any other aspects of my life I feel like sharing. Beauty and nutrition posts are my favourite to write! I've been blogging since May 2010, so I'm coming up on my 2nd year! It has truly been an interesting journey. I think blogging would be incredibly difficult if I didn't LOVE writing.
2.  What is your favorite trend right now?
I am completely obsessed with tangerine! I'm enjoying the trend with my tangerine anorak from Joe Fresh, orange Revlon lipstick, Orange Crush nail polish from Joe Fresh and Parker nail polish from Julep. Mega love! I've always thought that red was too harsh on me. Orange is a more flattering way for me to go bold and bright! :D
3.  What is one trend that you wish would go away and never come back.
Oh that's a hard one. Everything seems to have it's moment. I guess I'm not really into the pointy fingernails thing, and flatforms are completely gross! But I have faith those things will go away pretty soon.
4.  Who is your fashion icon?
Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama, and Kate Hudson are all ladies whose looks I love! I gravitate toward classic, casual, sometimes preppy kind of looks. I'm not very good at experimenting with prints and textures. I tend to keep things really simple. As long as it fits well. :)
5.  In your opinion, what is the one essential piece that each woman should have in her closet?
I would say an AMAZING pair of jeans. I mean, ones that make you look taller, leaner and make your ass look fantastic. Really you should have TWO of these jeans. One pair should be the right length for flats and sneakers, the other for your heels.
6.  Tell us one fun/interesting fact about yourself!
Unless I'm dead-on-my-feet tired, I can't fall asleep unless there's music playing. My brother gave me a "ghetto-blaster" (haha) for Christmas when I was about 8, and I've fallen asleep listening to music ever since. Back then it was the radio and cassette tapes, now it's an iPod. I actually kind of miss hearing the jolting click of the cassette ending, and waking up to turn it over. Sigh.
Be sure to hop on over and check out Gina's blog!  Also check out my other wonderful swappers in my side bar!  If you are interested in swapping blog buttons contact me at

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