Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Swapper Spotlight

This week we get to hear from the lovely Leigh - Ellen of Little Waterlily, Big Pond.  Leigh - Ellen is a local blogger and is just wonderful.  I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about her and be sure to check out her blog!

 1.  Tell us about your blog
Like Melissa, I live and love and blog from the East Coast of Canada. I started my blog to keep our friends and family on the other side of the pond (Husband is British and I lived in England for 4 years) up to date on our lives. It's sort of evolved (devolved??) from there.  I'm a sucker for all things pretty, shiny, frilly and girly.  Most importantly I'm a wife, a fur-parent and a friend so expect a lot of personal photos and bragging about the crazy exploits of my golden retriever- Sadie, our new kitten- Spock and the cat who runs our lives- Trilly.
2.  What is your favorite trend right now?
I know colour blocking has been around for awhile now but I love it.  I never get sick of colour.  I love bright colours but I'm trying to convince myself to embrace some of the pastels that are so in for Spring/Summer.  I also love that leopard is now considered a neutral.  Leopard and teal? I think so!!
3.  What is one trend that you wish would go away and never come back.
Oh where to even start with this? I like pretty.  I struggle to embrace anything that isn't pretty even if it is fashion forward.  There has been entirely too much rats' nest hair the last little while.  Hair should be pretty and not straw-like!
4.  Who is your fashion icon?
I love really classical, lady-like fashion so Audrey Hepburn has always been a favourite.  Of course my figure and her figure don't exactly have anything in common!
5.  In your opinion, what is the one essential piece that each woman should have in her closet?
Really hot high heels that are completely impractical.  Every woman needs a pair of shoes that can kick any outfit up a notch, or two, or three.  My husband would point out that impractical heels are not my problem.... shoes that I can walk and stand in for more than about 30 minutes are what I need to get!
6.  Tell us one fun/interesting fact about yourself!
Suddenly I have no fun or interesting facts about myself.  Oh no! I must be completely boring.  One random fact about myself is that I had 17 addresses in three countries on two different continents during my 20s.
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