Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shoes of the Week

Two weeks ago hubby was away for a conference for work so Adele and I went and spent the weekend with my parents.  Whenever I go and visit I always take a shopping trip to Calais, Maine, as my parents live on the Canada/US border.  My Mom and I always have a great time when we go shopping and so we took a trip to Marden's on the Friday afternoon.  Marden's can be hit or miss sometimes but this time we certainly got a great deal.  The first section we always go to is the shoes.  While we were browsing we heard the ladies that work there say they were marking all the $5 winter shoes down to $1!!!  Yes you read that right, $1!!  We found some great pairs, there were only a few sizes but my mom and I did each manage to get 2 pairs in our size.  The shoes we got are by Caressa and currently retail on for $65.  I got 2 pairs of these shoes, one in black and one in a nude colour as I thought they would be great for work!


  1. wow!! $1 shoes??! that is amazing!!

  2. wow!! what an awesome deal!! cute shoes btw!!:)


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