Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bauble Swap!

I am hopefully going to be participating in the Bauble Swap going on over at Because Shanna Said So.  How it works is like this (details taken from Shanna's blog):
If you are interested in participating send an e-mail to Shanna with the following information:
E-mail Address: shanna_schneider@hotmail.com
Subject: Bauble Swap
Include: First and last name, Shipping Address, and URL
You will then get paired up with someone else who wants to join in on the fun.

Once she has paired you with another blogger, she will provide you with your Bauble Buddy's name, shipping information and their blog address. That way, you can go to their blog, check out their style, learn more about them and make a new friend!

In the next week or so (the sooner the better), she would like you to send a necklace, pair of earrings or bracelet(s) you think they would wear. Please DO NOT send rings since we don't know sizes.  If you send earrings, please PINKY PROMISE that they are NEW and not gently used.  Your buddy will do the same.  Please be considerate on what you send. Make sure it's something you would be excited to receive. Don't be a jerk and send something from a gumball machine. Put some thought into it because, I promise you, your Bauble Buddy WILL blog about it!!  If you are sending something new; the price limit should be $25 or less.

After both buddies receive their item, blog about what you sent and received! She will post a place to link-up on her blog once we have some interest so we can see what other people are sharing.

Time Frame
This swap will run through July 15, 2012. Don't wait until the end to sign-up!

Can bloggers from Canada participate or is this just for the U.S.?
For Canadians to participate, we need someone else in Canada to swap with (shipping across Customs tends to get hairy). If you are Canadian, encourage other bloggers to play along. I would be happy to set up a swap!  I would love to see other Canadians participate!  I have sent my information in, in hopes that there is someone they can pair me up with!

Important ExtrasYou must be an ACTIVE blogger (i.e. the last time you blogged wasn’t last year). It's only fair, people. You don't need a gazillion followers or blog every day.  Just be somewhat active. Okay? Deal.

If you plan to participate, please visit her blog so you can grab her button and blog about it!  Hope to see you participating!


  1. I just put my Bauble package in the mail today! So exciting!!! :)

  2. Sounds cute! I must have a look...

    Christen :>

  3. Hiiii!!! I am your bauble buddy!!! I am so excited!!! I will be emailing you right now! love you blog and so excited for new blog friends!!!


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