Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Blazer - H&M (similar) || Tank - Old Navy (similar) || Necklace - Twillypop (won in giveaway) || Shoes - Guess (similar) *|| Jeans - !iT Jeans * || Ring - Silver Daisy Designs || Watch - Fossil (similar)

The day these photos were taken it couldn't have been raining any harder.  I took a trip up to UNBSJ to see Leigh - Ellen and deliver her Twillypop bracelet to her.  We had planned to take photos outside but the rain certainly put a stop to that.  I did however, get a nice little tour of our university campus by Leigh - Ellen, as I had never been up there before.  We had a lot of fun taking these pictures and I think Adele did too.  Thanks again to Leigh - Ellen for taking my photos!

* Items purchased locally - Ring (Silver Daisy Designs), Shoes (Manchester Shoe Salon)


  1. LOVE the whole entire outfit!! Gorgeous!! XO

  2. BAH! I love the outfit, but i'm dying over those cheetah heels

  3. Love this... and I love the little pops of pink in the accessories!

  4. Love those shoes and your necklace!

  5. Your accessories are awesome! Not sure what I like more - your necklace or your shoes - both gorgeous :)


  6. Awwww!! That is so cool that you met up! I have yet to meet a fellow blogger in real life... seems like all my favs are in Canada. Maybe I need to make a trip :)


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