Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dress - Old Navy || Belt - Old Navy (similar) || Shoes - Marc Fisher (similar) || Necklace - Silver Daisy* || Watch - Fossil (similar) || Bracelet - gift from Hubby

Neon colours are something that I haven't seen since I was in elementary/middle school and I never thought I would wear those colours again.  Yet, this season I find myself falling in love with neon shades all over again.  When I found this dress at our local Old Navy for $10.70 I knew I had to add it to my closet.  Not only is it a great colour, it is super comfortable and the price was right!  It was on clearance for $17.99 and there was an extra 30% off clearance and then I had a coupon for another 15% off, making it $10.70.

Those of you who follow me on twitter may remember me tweeting that I was implementing a spending budget of $30/month for myself until October.  This trip to Old Navy I spent my budget and was able to get 4 items for $30.  I got the dress, a t-shirt and 2 baby outfits; one for my little girl and one as a present for a friend.  Now I just have to wait until July so I can shop again!  Have you ever put yourself on a shopping budget? 

* Items purchased locally - Silver Daisy Designs (necklace)


  1. Definately need to put myself on a budget!! I do love spending a day shopping for nothing but super good deals!!

  2. those colors are stunning miss lady!

  3. love the neon on you!! and omg, that spending budget must be sooo difficult!! good luck! :)

  4. this dress is BEAUTIFUL on you! the color and fit is great. and $30 budget a month is strict but an awesome goal - i have a generic 'miscellaneous' budget i give myself for clothing, plane tickets, extra gas, birthday gifts, home insurance, and other little things here and there so that i can split it up into different things each month. i tried doing just clothing, but it didnt work out too well! i found id rather skip going out to panera than not getting a dress i love, so if i get a dress, i just dont eat out!

    anyhow love the outfit. got a little off topic :D

    <3 katherine
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  5. I would have never guessed that dress is from Old Navy! You rock this outfit flawlessly <3

  6. Yes, I am for sure on a budget. I'm a single gal with no kids so my budget is a bit higher, but its still hard to stick to some times! I write a recap each month, which really makes me try to stay within my budget! good luck :)

  7. Love the color of that dress. It suits you! And the belt...such a playful touch!

  8. I have the same dress! You look fab, hun.

    xx Love & Aloha
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  9. You look great in this dress! I'm glad to be on the IT List with you too =)

  10. Such a cute look! Loving the color of your dress!



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