Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Today I would like you to meet my lovely sponsors for the month of June - Brittany of Three Years Down and Laurel of Girl Meets World!  Read on to learn more about these lovely ladies!

My blog is a place where I discuss life, love, faith and adjusting to life in a small town after growing up in the city. I feel like I'm always going on an adventure these days!

Pool or beach?   Beach for sure. I still won't go in the water very often, but nothing beats the sun and the sand!
Popsicles or ice cream?  I would normally chose ice cream, but I had some otter pops last weekend that were SO good, so now I think it's a tie.
Shorts or sundress?  I would wear a dress every day of my life if I could (and wouldn't FREEZE in Small Town)

Hi! I am Laurel and I blog over at Girl Meets World! My life is all about meeting the world head on and taking things one day at a time! I blog about all my adventures along the way! Coffee addict and total bookworm I love all things vintage and pretty! I hope you'll join me on this crazy ride called life! Pool or Beach? DEFINITELY the beach - though I DO enjoy a good pool where I can see what is beneath me.
Popsicles or ice cream? I def prefer popsicles
Shorts or sundress? I  LOVE a great sundress!!!

Want to become a sponsor on Sigh...Gush...Gasp?  Watch for passionfruit ads to be set up for July 1st!

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