Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Gift Swap!

I signed up for the Holiday Gift Swap over at Artsy Anthropology back in November.  I was so happy to be paired up with local blogger Leigh-Ellen from Little Waterlily in a Big Pond and it was a great chance for us to meet up (and do outfit photos too, see yesterdays post for that).  Part of this swap was to make part of your gift.  For Leigh-Ellen I made her tag on her gift and a scarf.  I love to knit and this was the perfect opportunity to do this!  Well let me rephrase that, it was the perfect opportunity for me to finish this scarf as I had started it ages ago; and it was kind of funny as we both forgot for a while that it was a craft swap.

I love the story behind Leigh-Ellen's gift for me.  She didn't make my gift but someone else did.  Best part of it?  By her purchasing my handmade gift she supported a student who was raising money to go to a conference.  I love supporting things like that. 

And how super cute is this tree?  It is made out of clothes hangers, tinsel garland and lights.   Adele loves it and so does my hubby.  Hubby always wants to put that stringy tinsel on the tree and with a dog and little one it would be everywhere!  Plus I don't really like how the stringy tinsel looks, I find it covers the ornaments.  So now hubby has a little tinsel in the house (this is the kind of tinsel I like!).  When I told him I might take the tree into my classroom next year he didn't want me to.  It is now a part of our yearly holiday decor!  Thanks again Leigh-Ellen for the great gift and for the visit for the afternoon!


  1. that tree is super festive!!! :D i love the silver! perfect for the holidays! :D

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  2. My little sister got one of those trees this Christmas, too! I think they are so fun and cute!


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