Thursday, January 17, 2013

Handbag Hunt


Since heading back to work and not having to carry my diaper bag anymore, I have been on the hunt for a new handbag.  The above handbags are out of my price range but I have realized I am totally in love with the satchel style!  I would also love to get a handbag in one of the above shades so it will easily transition from season to season.  So let the hunt begin! What is your favorite store/website to buy bags from?


  1. I'm looking for a great bag like that too, but I don't have any suggestions for you or I'd have one myself! :) Good luck with the hunt and when you find it, please share!

  2. Melissa! Your new design looks amazing!

    As for best stores to buy bags - I like, since it has designer bags at a discount = win.

  3. Loving that Michael Kors satchel!! And I know I said it last night but I am in LOVE with your new design!!!

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