Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Sponsor Shoutout!

It is hard to believe it is another month and time for a sponsor shoutout once again!  All of these ladies are so lovely I really hope you will take the time to check out their blogs/shops!  They were so kind to share what they did to celebrate Valentine's day.  We didn't celebrate until the weekend as our little girl was sick, but we still had a lovely day any way!  Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway from them later this week.....

Little Waterlily, Big Pond is a personal blog dedicated to the things I like, love and those that just drive me kind of nuts. I'm a Canadian married to a Brit. We met in the UK but are now living on the East Coast of Canada surrounded by rocks and trees and water. I'm also a sucker for all things pretty, shiny, frilly and girly. Most importantly I'm a wife, a fur-parent and a friend so expect a lot of personal photos and bragging about the crazy exploits of my golden retriever- Sadie, the youngest of the bunch- Spock, the new fellow- Dobby and the princess who runs our lives- Trilly.

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?
We're not big on celebrating Valentine's Day at our house. It happens to fall two weeks after my birthday and two weeks before my husband's birthday so we're really doing enough celebrating around here as it is. We did however, go away for the weekend since I was attending a conference and Husband booked some business meetings in the same location and came a long.

Hi my name is Erin! I am a craftaholic, new mommy and lover of all things fashion. Stop over at Simply Just Lovely and join me on my journey as a mother, teacher and crafter!

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?
This year was my first Valentine's Day as a family, so we spent it at home together. I baked some goodies for my sweetie and we just enjoyed each others company with our baby boy.

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My name is Julie and I am a Mom to three boys who loves to knit, craft, and eat.

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?
At home with the kids. We ordered in Chinese food, watched a movie, and ate cookies.

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My blog... hmmm, well I occasionally post things that are true, no, just kidding. I blog mostly about the shop, updates and what not... but I do occasionally blog about my life, what's going on in it, etc. I'd like to think it's readable, but don't expect others to, I guess that's it in a nut-shell.

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?
I worked... then went home and watched "Chasing Mavericks", which turned out to be a good, yet depressing movie about surfing... but it had Gerard Butler in it, so no complaints.

An all American couple. He plays baseball. She does pageants. They both love to play pranks, laugh, and explore. Best part? They are in love!

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?
Well. We pre-celebrated because Adam had a road trip to Texas for baseball on Valentine's Day. So we went to dinner, went on walk, did some window shopping, and enjoyed our traditional caramel apple.

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