Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shoes of the Week!

Vince Camuto - Ritz - photo by Manchester Shoe Salon

These Vince Camuto beauties were part of the fall arrivals at Manchester Shoe salon.  From the day they posted the picture of them on their facebook page, I had been dreaming of them. I first learned about Vince Camuto from a style challenge I participated in (see the post here) and totally fell in love with the brand.  Being on maternity leave in the fall, the budget didn't allow me to buy them.  However, I was so happy when they were part of their boxing day sales and they were still available in my size!  I am so happy to have added these beauties to my closet!  The heel on them is very high so they are not for everyday wear, but are a great pair for dressing up and going out.  The platform is accented in gold and does help with the comfort level.  I have worn these shoes once already out on date night.  Yes it is winter here, and I changed my shoes in the car so they wouldn't get covered in salt and snow.  Plus a girl needs a little sparkle now and then; it will make spring come faster, right?

**Please note this post is no way sponsored or endorsed by Vince Camuto, all view expressed above are my own.  I just wanted to share this brand with my readers. **


  1. Those are great that I stay home so much I find myself not wanting to buy awesome shoes like this. For me, those great heals would get stuck in the mud at the playground! Ha!

    And I can't always justify spending money on shoes I only wear on date night twice a's a tough one, I know. :)

    But I love them. I love the heal detail. Those are so, super fun!

    1. Date night twice a month, lucky! We are lucky to get out every couple of months! I hear you about the mud! The heel detail is my favorite part too :)

  2. happy! My button is up! Thanks!!!!



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