Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nautical Notions

Nautical notions

Last fall my husband and I travelled with our little girl down to Skowhegan, Maine to look at a boat.  We had been on my brother in laws in the summertime and loved it!  Boats were much more affordable in the states so this trip was very exciting for us, since we ended up loving the boat!  We bought it and it sat in our yard all winter and we just couldn't wait to get in it!  Well my husband and dad tried to get it going but it just wouldn't start.  So right now as we wait for it to get repaired, I figured I need to get my boating outfit together for when we do have it back :).   I am loving all things navy and with stripes this season!  The dress above with that wide band of yellow is the perfect combination of nautical and bright colours.  What are your favorite nautical pieces?

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  1. Love that dress!! I'm loving the nautical theme!



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