Monday, July 8, 2013

Cellnique: A Review

Cellnique is a line of skin care that helps in healing blackheads, scars and acne.  I was very excited to try out
their products when they contacted me to do a review.  I suffer from psoraisis and am always looking at
trying new products that may help my sensitive skin.

The before

Before sending me the products to try, Cellnique asked me what concerns I had with my skin.  Based on that information they sent me 3 items to try out; the Vital repair serum, D'Sensi Calming essence and D'Sensi Calming & Hydrating Cream.

Along with my products came a how to use guide.  First, after following my cleansing and toning routine, I applied the D'Sensi Calming Essence.  I must admit when I first saw it I was kind of skeptical of it as it was a purple liquid.  I was very nervous that the dark purple would be noticable on my face, however once it was rubbed in you would never know it was there.  After, I applied the Vital Repair Serum.  I loved how this smelled and felt on my face.  I then let this sit before I applied the Calming and Hydrating Cream.  I was surprised at how warm the Serum got on my face, however the calming & hydrating cream provided a cooling affect when applied.  One thing I did not like was that if you did not rub the calming & hydrating cream in very well I found it would come on my hands if I touched my face during the day.  That was the only down fall to this system.  I was very happy with the product since I have very sensitive skin and had no issues at all with any of these products.  Thanks to Cellnique for letting me review their product!  
The after

Note: Cellnique sent me the above named 3 products to try out.  All opinions and views expressed above are my own.

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  1. i used to use cellnique products and they were really amazing! those products really started the process of making my skin look healthy. :D

    <3, Mimi


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