Friday, June 19, 2015

Sailun Car Clinic



Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Sailun Car Clinic at Coast Tire here in Saint John on Crown Street.  This clinic was a great opportunity to learn about Sailun tires, but also about car care in general.  As a young girl I used to follow my Father around the yard and help him when he worked on our cars, but it is always great to have refresher.

The morning started off with a session learning about the Sailun brand and some specifics about your tires.  We talked about alignment and proper air pressure in your tires.  I loved the analogy they used about alignment in your car.  Tires wear just like anything that we use over time.  But if they are out of alignment they will wear unevenly.  Just like the soles of our shoes, one usually wears differently than the other as we aren't aligned perfectly.  While I was sitting there I immediately checked the soles of my shoes, this is so true!  Just another reason why tire rotation and alignments on your vehicle are important, so your tires wear properly. 

Do you know where to look to get the information about your tires?  If you look in your car, most models have the above tag somewhere inside the drivers side door.  Much like a care label for our clothes, this is the care label for our tires.  Following the recommended tire pressure and size tires here, will help prolong the life of your tire and car.  Not to mention keep you safe while travelling.


Next we moved out to the garage to take a peek under the hood.  When looking under the hood it is important to pay attention to the different pictures on the caps.  The folks at coast tire stressed the importance of paying attention to the windshield washer fluid cap and the radiator fluid cap as they are usually very close together.  You do not want to mix those up when adding fluid.  If you are ever unsure of what a picture on the caps mean, always refer to your owners manual.  One surprising thing that I did learn is that in some vehicles the battery is under the seat, instead of under the hood.  

It is also important to check your dash lights when you get in your car.  Turn your key just one click and it should show you all your lights on your dash.  This will help familiarize yourself with the different symbols.  Also, if you are driving and one of those lights come on and you are unsure of what it is always check your owners manual.  Yellow or orange lights mean that you can get it to a garage but take it in right away.  A red light on the dash, you should pull over and call a tow truck.  I didn't know this before but it makes sense and is good to know!

 The last station was looking at how to change a tire and where to properly place a jack under your car in case  you had to change a tire.  An important skill to know how to do, especially if you travel!  This morning was very imformative and fun!  I definitely feel more educated on Sailun tires and my own car care.

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Thanks to Sailun tires for having me and helping to educate me on their tires!

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Sailun Tires and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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