Friday, August 25, 2017

Wedding Guest Style Guide

Trying to decide what to wear to a wedding can always be tricky.  The Black Tux has put together this awesome wedding guest style guide to help you decide what to wear based on the type of wedding that you will be attending.  

First, make sure you know what kind of event you will be attending.  The venue it is being held at is always a good indication of the type of attire you should wear.  If you are still unsure of the dress code, talk to others that are attending to see what they are going to wear.  If needed lookup the venue online so you can see how fancy the event will be.

Second, finding the perfect outfit.  Ladies when selecting a dress to wear make sure you are comfortable in it.  You do not want anything that you feel is too short, or doesn't fit right, as you will be conscious of it all night and will not enjoy the wedding as much.  Also, try to find out the colour of the bridesmaid dresses so you don't end up showing up in the same colour.  I had this happen to me once.  Luckily, my husband was in the wedding party so it didn't look so bad, but I would not want it to happen again.  I felt slightly akward to say the least.  Also keep in mind if the weddin is outside you may want to bring a blazer or jacket to wear with your outfit.  

Guys finding the right suit or tux can be challenging as well.  Finding the right suit or tux is key to looking your best. With so many styles and colours to choose from, you are sure to find something you like. 

Third, proper footwear.  Those 6 inch stillettos may look cute but after the ceremony and dancing all night your feet are going to be sore.  Choose footwear that compliment your outfit and you will be able to dance in all night long.  If you want you can always change your footwear in between the ceremony and reception.  Having great footwear is a must, your feet will thank you.

Fourth, have fun.  Enjoy the party.  If the wedding is your date night enjoy every minute and make memories to last.

I'm off to my cousins wedding this weekend.  Looking forward to it !  Congrats to Sam and Rich! #sammarriesrich

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